About Us

A Little Bit About Us

My name is Amber and I am a mom of 3 children and 4 cats. My oldest daughter just got engaged to a wonderful young man. My middle daughter is in the Army and is doing wonderful. My son is still in high school and is the baby of the family. Before Covid-19 erupted in the world we had a few tough months with health and accidents. This got me sewing as a way to keep myself busy during the tough months. When Covid hit I was asked to go on a Leave of Absence to help protect jobs. Once I started sewing full time for me and my family I decided that I wanted to sew as a job. So I started learning all I could about running a small business. 

     During this time I went from using paper patterns and tracing the size I needed to projecting the pattern and cutting straight to the fabric. This opened up the realm of possible and really sparked me to move forward with the business plan. Towards the end of summer my job asked if I wanted to take a severance package to keep those who needed to have a job employed. I took this package so I could push on full steam ahead. 

     I realized I wanted to make clothing that was comfortable to wear and that would look great in person as well as on a Zoom call. I hate to wear clothing that feels restrictive or uncomfortable and thought that other people had the same issues. I enjoy fabric that has a soft buttery feel as does my son so these are the types of fabrics I use to create my products. I also wanted my clothing line to work in the evening at a party or event as well as at work. I know several times I had to work and then go to an event in my work cloths and they weren't what I would have normally worn to the event if I could have changed. I decided clothing that was comfortable for all day and night had to be versatile as well. So with a little extra jewelry, belt or jacket these clothes can be dressed up or down depending on what you need. 

As I go forward I want to make other styles and clothing that will appeal to everyone. I also feel that adults shouldn't be the only ones who are comfortable all day so I plan to develop a children's line as well as a maternity line.