An Intro to Fabric

An Intro to Fabric

          Happy Monday everyone. I want to talk about fabric and what the differences are. There are three different types of fabric: Woven, Knit, and Blends. These three types of fabrics are what all clothing is comprised of. Whether you are wearing a t-shirt, pants, or a dress I can guarantee that there is one of these types in you outfit.

          Woven fabric is anything without stretch to it. This would be fabrics like Cotton, Denim, Leather, etc. There can also be woven blends like cotton/polyester, polyester/wool, etc. Woven fabric is very versatile and can hold up to most wear and tear. This type of fabric can be difficult to work with for some. Woven fabric has many uses from clothing to quilts. Utility fabrics like those used for outside furniture, canvas bags, and such, also fall under this category of fabric. Woven fabric is the most versatile of the three types seeing it does not have much give to it.

          Knit fabric is anything with some stretch to it. This would be fabrics like spandex, poly-spandex, etc. Most knit fabric is a blend as it is knitted together to allow the fabric to stretch. There are many different types of knit fabrics on the market today. Some of the knit fabrics are Jersey, Interlock, Double interlock, and ribbed to name a few.  This is the fabric type I prefer to work with.

          Blended fabric is constructed with two or more fibers spun together. This type of fabric includes both woven and knit. Some types of blended fabric have been mentioned above, others include Terry Wool, Terry Cotton, and Polyester Viscose Rayon. These fabrics are constructed with man made fibers and natural fibers. The goal of these blends is to create garments that are visually appealing, versatile, durable, and comfortable.

          Regardless of whether you are a seamstress or an avid shopper, there is no doubt that everyone has their favorite type of fabric. I love the feel of Double brush poly spandex blend as it is supper soft. I have found that I don’t like that blend for summer months, so I use a cotton spandex type of blend that is still buttery soft but helps wick away moisture, so you stay cooler in the summer. Add your questions and comments below and I will expand this topic. If you have not claimed your free gift you can get that HERE!! Be sure to check out what I have available to make you feel comfortable and fabulous anywhere. As always have a happy and wonderful week.

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